GPX Editor 1.3.46

Ré-écriture de pratiquement tout le programme depuis 0, nouvelles fonctions, nouveaux bugs…
Mostly rewriten from scratch, new functions, new bugs …

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Download : Version 1.3.46 (782ko)
Download Source (Delphi 7) : Version 1.3.46 source (445ko)

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Version 1.1.69 KML Import and Export, NGT Import
Version 1.1.70 Tries to restore position in treeview, even after an object is deleted
Version 1.1.76 Google Map version change, ability to choose a proxy, corrected Douglas-Peucker algorithm (thanks to garmin76csx)
Version 1.1.77 Corrects a few typos, give the choice to choose the nearest point in statistics panel.
Version 1.2.00 Adds a lot of new features, mainly based on the bottom statistics pan. You can view altitude, speed, angle, distance, HDOP and satellite used (if suficient data are available in the GPX) and use those data to modify the tracks. There’s also a few new settings available (eg the choice of elevation data for waypoints).
Version 1.2.04 Adds the download of altitude data for track from (click the button into the properties of the track).
Version 1.2.05 Corrects a bug in GMap view with only one waypoint.
Version 1.2.06 German translation update, beginning the help file, inverting delete below/above value
Version 1.2.15 Corrects the storing of unknown extensions content, corrects time different between two points, corrects Open GPX not closing the actual one before, Corrects « copy to a new track » when the stat graph is already zoomed in.
Version 1.2.16 Corrects bug in loosing point order after a point is edited withing a track or route (Thanks Jean-Yves for finding it).
Version 1.2.20 Altitude shift for the owners of Garmin HCx, Russian translation thanks to Walker.
Version 1.2.21 Some translation fixes
Version 1.2.22 Google map long tracks precision fix by Leif
Version 1.2.28 You can now temporarily disable the display of an item (right clic menu in the treeview) The GPX will not be affected. After drawing a track in google map, you stay in this tab, DEL in the point list will delete the selected points.
Version 1.2.28 RAD 2010 port by garmin76csx
Version 1.2.32 Displays track statistics when selected in the treeview. Can donwload altitude data for all waypoints at once
Version 1.2.32 News point filter dialog, some translations corrections.
Version 1.3.26 News beta features (create a route from waypoints, change track startpoint. version number fixed
Version 1.3.38 Support for Garmin custom icons, ability to deletes point properties (right click in the point list
Version 1.3.40 Statwindow was not reacting corectly when in Google Map mode
Version 1.3.46 Ability to delete metadata, extension and waypoints in one click. Ability to ignore XMl version (GPX was designed with 1.0 version). Ability to keep line feeds